Monday, 3 April 2017

Grammar Sites

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As we came back to class after a special assembly, Mrs’s Tu’Akoi gave us a site on Grammar, and it was called grammar blast. This site gave me lots of games and questions to answer and I learnt new things, some of them were easy but most was hard and I didn't know that through was a prepositions and also about.
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In this punctuation game I was gave sentences with empty spaces so that I can fill them by using a punctuation. This site was a bit hard to use, so I click on the help button to help me, but besides that I got most of them right and some wrong and now that I am good at it, I can use my great punctuation skills in my writing.
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On this site it gave me types of exercise to choose such as affect vs effect, articles, passive voice and many more. This site was one of my favorites and I really learnt lots of new things, but most of them were hard and that's when I wanted to learn more about the questions I didn't understand.


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