Thursday, 17 August 2017

No Driver?

Screenshot 2017-08-01 at 12.44.25 PM.png
In this task I was given a new comprehension about google creating a new car that drives by itself. I was very shocked that there was a car like this and I really liked how the author used expensive words with correct punctuations. I also liked how the author described the car with great adjectives with a great dialogue to show what the car looks like. My favorite part in this comprehension is the part where it says “it’s not fast, it’s not big. It’s definitely not flashy. In the future I want more of these new comprehension because it builds up my vocabulary knowledge.   


namei Nikushimi no said...

6 lines? you can do better then that.

william Glen Innes School said...

Thanks for the tip namei Nikushimi no

william Glen Innes School said...

Check again!

william Glen Innes School said...
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