Wednesday, 23 November 2016

How to play basketball

When you play a game like basketball always stretch or play a warm up game.

How to play the GAME
Basketball was created in 1891 it is a team sport two teams of five players. Each team has to try to score by shooting a ball in the hoop. To move around you have to dribble the ball with one hand to get to the hoop or get closer to pass to your teammates

You cannot hit, push, slap or hold a player because it would be a foul and you can not run with the ball because it would be a travel  

Every player has to know how to catch, dribble and pass. When catching a ball make a diamond hand. Dribble with one hand not two hands if you do that will be traveling.

  • When passing you can do a chess pass.
  • Overhead pass.
  • Pocket pass means throwing on you right or left pocket.
  • Fake and pass means you're pretending to pass on your right but you're passing on your left and it can also work opposite.
  • Bounce pass means bouncing the ball to your teammate.


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lucky Glen Innes School said...

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Nice tips I should maybe use them when I am playing my games

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hi william nice skills are you going to use them when you play basketball

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