Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Facts about Birds (1)


A size of a Rifle bird is 8 cm and the length is 7-9cm they are usually found in North Island, south island and in stewart island and a few offshore islands. They feed on Insects, obtained from the bark, mosses and lichens of the larger trees.
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Robin Bird

The New Zealand robin/toutouwai is a sparrow-sized bird found only in New Zealand. The North, South and Stewart Island robin all look very similar. They are small - about the size of a sparrow. Males have dark grey plumage while the female is dark grey-brown.


The Weka is one of NZ large flightless birds. The length of a Weka is about 50 to 60 cm and a weight of a Weka is 430 to 1400 g. Weka birds mostly lives in native forest and scrub, some urban areas and farm land. A weka birds feeds on vegetable, small birds and mammals.
Weka. North Island chick with adult. Orongo Bay, Russell, November 2014. Image © Les Feasey by Les FeaseyWeka. Nest with 5 eggs. Kapiti Island, November 1983. Image © Department of Conservation (image ref: 10028824) by Phil Clerke, Department of Conservation Courtesy of Department of ConservationWeka. Western weka chicks. Mt Arthur Track Kahurangi National Park, November 2015. Image © Rebecca Bowater by Rebecca Bowater FPSNZ AFIAP


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