Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Information Report - Dragonfly

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Dragonflies are insects that shouldn't be taken away or harmed because they are important to our local creeks. Dragonflies live in most parts of the world but they prefer to live in creeks lakes or rivers.
Dragonflies are creatures that live up to 7 months and they move by using their big wings and hover like a helicopter.

Dragonflies are insects that eat other insects such as moths, butterflies and other smaller insects. Dragonflies have six legs and have a long body with big eyes that fill most of its head and can see from every angle but behind them.

Dragonflies don't sting and luckily don’t bite people and been around for 300 million years. But people living in the philippines like to eat dragonflies which is sad.

Lastly their home is everything thing there have if you take it away from them by trashing it, who knows what will happen.       


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