Sunday, 29 April 2018

Journey Through The Clouds

WALT - Write a narrative writing
Success Criteria:
I must have a “hook” to get my readers attention.

I have described my setting.

"Roar" as the engined blasted with noise, I was so angry I couldn't get my car to work so I kicked the car with all my anger and with a blink of an eye, a miracle happened, my car was working. At first I thought I was dreaming but very happy knowing I got it to work, so I got in the car and stomped on the gas pedal but suddenly the car floated straight into the clouds. As it went up I screamed louder than a fire alarm siren and thousands of eyes blinked repeatedly as they couldn't believe a car was flying.

Soon my frightened screaming turned into an thrilled scream because "why be scared when your the first person to fly in a car" so I decided to not go to work and have the time of my life. Zooming through the sky, I could see thousands of paparazzi taking pictures of me and I knew I would be famous.

Going through the skys I felt like superman and it was very easy to drive up in air. It had been a smooth journey so far, but now the engine suddenly gave a cough and splutter. That could only mean one thing, I was going down but very lucky it just had enough energy to bring me to land gently.

Going down to land I was lucky again because right in front of me was a gas station. When I was done filling my gas tank, I was ready for round two but with all my hopes up it suddenly dropped because with my eyes watery the car didn't fly again. From that day forward my flying car was once again a normal car.


Mrs. Tuakoi said...

HI William

You are very creative. You really hook your readers from the very beginning. I thoroughly enjoy reading your story. Keep it up.

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