Friday, 15 June 2018


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Waking up from a night of disaster, not remembering what had happened on the plane I was on with friends and family, flying through a wicked storm. Rubbing my eyes trying to get the sand off, and with a blink of an eye I realized I was on an island, trying to tell myself it was all a dream but unfortunately it wasn't.

Running up and down on the beach like a crazy person, shouting out random sounds to see if there was any other people on the island. With a sound in the distance I could slightly see people running and waving hands towards me. Running towards the people they had been shouting my name a few times and suddenly I took a deeper and closer look, it was my brother and friend. With my smile going bigger and bigger I jumped with excitement and hugged them like it was the last time I would see them.

After a overjoyed moment, we had to think of a plan to get back home. Shouting freely and annoyingly my brother pulled out a flare gun saying “we can signal a plane for help if we see one.” And being so lucky there was a plane coming our way any minute. With no hesitation he pulled the trigger twice and with a blast of two bright red flares came out, and just like that the plane stopped and lifeguards rescued us.

Traveling past the stranded island it was a relief we made it out, finally safe and sound with no harm done, and just wondering what would happen if we didn't have a flare gun.


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