Tuesday, 8 November 2016


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The Name of this bird is a:Bellbird/Korimako

1. Where it Lives?
Bellbirds are only found in NZ and offshore islands.

2. What it feeds on?
Bellbirds are like tui, stitchbird and a hihi. They have a special tongue a bit like a straw or an toothbrush they use it to sip nectar out of the flowers and they also eat insects and berries.

3. How does it have young ones?
It lays eggs brown spottie baby eggs.

4. What does it look like?
A Bellbird length is 20cm and a bell bird weight is 34g but a female is 26g. And a male bellbird haves red eyes but a female bellbird has brown eyes.

5. What are its predators?
Bellbirds have survived well on the mainland and elsewhere in the presence of introduced predators, although they occur in much greater densities on predator-free islands.

6. Were in NZ are the biggest population?
Aorangi island and Poor knight island.


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