Thursday, 10 November 2016

What causes lightning and earthquake.

What causes lighting.

Lighting is made by an electric current within an thundercloud way up in the sky, and it is made out of many small bits of frozen ice raindrops, it bumps into each other as they move around in the air. After a while the whole cloud fills up with electrical lighting and it's more likely to strike anywhere but usually it is after thunder.

What causes earthquake.

There are about 20 plates along the surface of the earth that move continuously and slowly past each other. When the plates squeeze or stretch, huge rocks form at their edges and the rocks shift with great force, causing an earthquake. Think of it this way: Imagine holding a pencil horizontally. If you were to apply a force to both ends of the pencil by pushing down on them, you would see the pencil bend. 
Richter scale
Image result for richter scale earthquake definition
4 Minor Earthquake

5 Moderate Earthquake

6 Strong Earthquake

7 Major Earthquake

8 Great Earthquake



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