Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Facts about Birds (2)

Tui Bird

Tui are honeyeaters feeding mainly on nectar from native flowers like kowhai, flax, pohutukawa and rewarewa. The length of a tui is 30cm long and the weight of a male tui bird is 125 g but a female is 90 g. Tui birds are only found in NZ nowhere else in the world.

Fernbirds are also called matata They a more heard than seen. The weight of an fern bird is 35 g and the length 18 cm long. Fern birds eat a lot of things they eat caterpillars, flies, beetles, moths, spiders seeds and fruits. the biggest population to find a fern bird is Great Barrier Island and Snares Island.

Stitch Bird

The stitchbird (hihi) was both rare and poorly known until the 1990. Stitch bird breed in summer and spring they feed on invertebrates,fruits and nectar. The populations to find a stitch bird is Great Barrier, Little Barrier and Kapiti island.

Shining Cuckoo

The shining cuckoo is much the smaller than two common cuckoo in NZ. Shining cuckoo is a small bird with a strong, slightly curved beak they a usually found or heard in september or october. The length of a shining cuckoo is 16cm and the weight is 23 g.


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