Tuesday, 8 November 2016




Llamas are similar to donkeys but with a longer neck.
Llamas are way different than donkeys and horses, Llamas have two toes on their feet.

History of Llamas

Llamas come from South America. The people in South America have kept llamas for hundreds of years. They use llamas to carry things, often over steep mountain tracks.

A llama can carry about 25 kilograms and can walk about 15-20 kilometers each day. People also use llama skins for leather, their hair for clothing, their meat for food and their manure for fuel and fertiliser.

Special features

Llamas have two toes on each foot and strong, leathery pads on the bottom of their feet.

These are good for walking over the rough mountain tracks in South America. The pads protect their feet from the hard ground.


A llamas coat has two layers. The top layer is made of strong, thick hair. It protects the animal from the wind, rain and cold. People use the hair to make things like jerseys, bags, scarves and hats.



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